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We, the members of the Block & Bridle Club, in order to promote the improvement and increase the interest among students of Animal Science and to bring about closer relationships among men and women pursuing some phase of Animal Science as a profession, do, in convention assembled, hereby ordain and establish this, the Constitution of its Government.

Full Block and Bridle Constitution

The emblem of the Block and Bridle Club is a large "B" with a meat block and cleaver in the upper half and a bridle in the lower half. This symbol is very significant to Block and Bridle Club members, as it represents the principles upon which our club is built. 

Character, sincerity, and a moral life are asked of members when they are initiated into the Block and Bridle Club. These attributes are depicted in the straight perpendicular of the "B." The distinct curves of the "B" are symbolic of social pleasure, mental energy, and the determination of Block and Bridle Club members.

The meat block and cleaver inside the top half of the "B" represents the material aspects of our life and our profession. The bridle in the bottom half of the "B" stands for the behavior of Block and Bridle members, the control over ourselves that we try to maintain, the mannerisms and respect we show towards others, and the manner in which we treat our livestock.

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Colors: Royal Purple and Navy Blue

Flower: Lilac

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