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National Awards

Each year National Block and Bridle identifies outstanding clubs and individuals in the form of end of the year awards presented at the National Block and Bridle Convention. Awards are presented to the top five clubs in each of the following categories: chapter activities, chapter scrapbook, chapter webpage, and published chapter yearbook. Member awards include the top five juniors and top three seniors from among students enrolled at four-year colleges and universities, and the top two sophomores from among students attending two-year schools. To increase participation in National Convention, the National Chapter awards travel grants to newly-chartered Block and Bridle Chapters and chapters with financial need.

Chapter Awards

Member Awards


National Convention Travel Grant

In an endeavor to help students attend National Block and Bridle Convention, travel assistance grants are available from the National Block & Bridle Chapter.

  1.  Any chapter may apply as long as they fit the following criteria:

    • Are a newly chartered chapters (less than 3 years old) or a chapter that shows need for travel financial assistance through the information provided on the application

    • Are in good standing by:

      • Having paid their dues the last 3 years (minimum) to the National Block and Bridle Club (exception is newly charted chapters of less than 3 years). 

      • Having paid their new member dues prior to the convention for the year they are applying for travel assistance.

      • All convention attendees must be paid members of National Block and Bridle.

      • Members attending are recommended to be in good academic standing with their college or university.     

  2. Award amounts will be $100 per student and one advisor for a maximum amount of $1000 per chapter.  

    • Cash will be paid at convention per actively participating member present and verification of national member status has been confirmed. 

  3. Priority will be given to chapters which bring 5 or less students or have not attended national convention for 3 years or more and/or has brought fewer than 5 students for 5 years or more.

  4. A maximum total amount of up to $10,000 for travel grants may be awarded from the National Block and Bridle treasury account in any one year upon Executive Committee review.

  5. Any one club may receive this grant a maximum of one time per four years.


Date due:  June 15th

The application should be emailed to the National Vice President  and copied to the Block and Bridle Awards email by June 15th. Any applications received after this date will not be accepted. The application will then be forwarded to the other national executive officers for review and potential approval. Chapters will be notified prior to convention whether or not a travel grant was preliminarily awarded by August 30th. Award amount will be finalized at convention relative to number of attendees and standing with the National Block and Bridle Club.

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