Conference News

2014 National Block and Bridle Convention
April 10-13, 2014
Hosted by University of Missouri @ Springfield, MO
 Convention Webpage and Online registration
Now Open (CLICK Here)

Web Page Spotlight

Each month we will feature web pages associated with agriculture that might interest our members. Visit these sites and let us know what you think!!

• Learn more about National Ag Day! Get your Block and Bridle club involved in animal agriculture advocacy.

• For those of you that like to eat beef, try Beef-on-a-Budget. Bon appétit!!!


Click here to learn more about animal agriculture and the role that it plays in the daily lives of producers and the public. Enhance your knowledge about animal agriculture, consumer preferences, and the challenges that face animal agriculture today. Become active and educate yourself and your chapter!

Around the Barnyard

Life in and around the "Block and Bridle Barnyard" is about community. Through group activities and teamwork, Block and Bridle members build friendships, share in fellowship, and develop a sense of purpose while representing animal agriculture. "Around-the-Barnyard" will allow chapters to share their success stories about service projects, educational events, fundraising opportunities, individual achievements, and professional development projects they perform. Share your story today!